Hi, I’m Roslen Roy Mack, owner of Dimensions Design. I am a well established illustrator and graphic designer for the youth market. I have been creating designs and artwork for over thirty years.


My work has been used by Parents Magazine, eHow.com, MSN, Microsoft, Burlington, Wal-Mart, The Today Show, and NASA’s gift shop. I have created thousands of illustrations for Adobe and still do so, on a regular basis.


My niche is creating colorful illustrations and designs for the youth market. I have achieved over 50 publishing credits that include:

Click this link to go to my Amazon Illustrator page to see books that are still in print

Dimensions Design isn’t just creating things in one dimension. I love creating designs and illustrations for a variety of products as well. It is a very satisfying feeling to see your artwork strewn across multiple surfaces and watching children (and adults) interact with the things you’ve created.


Over the years, I have created illustrations and designs for many clients in a wide variety of industries with products including:


Aside from all that, I also do traditional illustration and graphic design for print and web graphics. I have designed almost anything from billboards to everything in a corporate identity package including package design.


I design and illustrate graphics for the web and mobile, like headers, banners, images and icons but I do not design whole websites. Frankly, HTML is a bit frightening to me. My favorite projects to work on in this genre are Logos and Park Maps.

I guess you could say I have designed everything but the kitchen sink,(that’s my next big project).

To get a glimpse of my talent and creativity, take a look at my portfolio which features a huge variety of projects from children’s book illustration to corporate graphic design. Kitchen sink coming soon!

Santa Barbara Zoo

3R Teacher Training

Remax Baton Rouge

United Way

Acadiana Culinary Federation

BGH Publishing


Iberia Parish Visitors Center

Journey Stone Creations

Porsche Club of America


Home N Stars


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