Here are the most often asked questions by clients


What services do you offer?

The brunt of my work is illustration driven. My illustration services vary widely from children's book illustration to sticker design to a single T-shirt design. Please contact me about your project to see if it is something that I can accomplish. I also provide graphic design services for businesses that are large and small. My Graphic Design services include, Logo design, Corporate identity, Icon design, Brochure design, Postcard design and Ad design.


How much do you charge for your services?

This is a question that is difficult to answer.  The type of project, time involved and usage rights determine the cost of the project. I use local and industry standard pricing guidelines from the American Graphic Artist Guild to determine pricing. Please contact me with information about your project so I can give you a custom estimate.


I wrote a children's book, can you create the illustrations for it?

Yes! My favorite projects to work on are kid related projects! I can create the interior illustrations, as well as design the front and back covers. Illustration pricing for children's books are based on the number of pages, the quality of detail in a scene or background and the number of characters in a scene. I also work in a number of different styles, you can take a look at my style sheet here.


I am located overseas, do you take on International clients?

Absolutely! I have many clients all over the world and I have been doing business this way for over thirteen years. All of my designs and illustrations are created digitally so it is very easy for me to correspond with you about your project and submit the final art to you.


I found an illustration on Google that I like, can you copy it for me?

That is a big no-no. Images found on the internet are copyrighted by their respective owners. It is a crime to copy or plagarize someone else's work.


I have seen some of your art used several times by different businesses? How can that be? Are they stealing it? In most cases no, although stealing art can happen in today's digital age. I have a collection of thousands of images created by me, that is reserved for relicensing to clients when they have very small budgets. Some of my work is offered by major companies for licensing, such as Adobe,  Microsoft and Getty Images. Please contact me if you are interested in brokering a usage license for any of my images.




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